MVP Staffing Launch New Service Line

Gibraltar Business Capital

Gibraltar Business Capital, an industry leader in providing small and mid-market companies with the capital they need to solve short-term challenges or seize growth opportunities, announced today the launch of a new service line dedicated to the unique needs of the staffing industry.

“Gibraltar has experience managing the financial needs of staffing agencies across a wide range of industries,” says Gibraltar President Scott Winicour, “and to enhance our service offering, we have partnered with MVP Staffing to provide a turnkey solution for staffing customers. Now, not only do we provide the capital to solve cash flow challenges, we also provide a full suite of back office solutions to minimize the demand on human resources and back office teams.”

“Operating since 2000, MVP Staffing has deep expertise in all aspects of staffing administration and managing staffing needs,” says CEO and Founder Danny Barnett. “We are proud to have a partner like Gibraltar where together, we provide the wrap-around services our clients need to stay focused on growing their business and gaining a competitive edge.”

Gibraltar provides staffing factoring services including payroll funding for staffing companies nationwide. Gibraltar takes a simple and flexible approach to staffing factoring, one that is a revolving line of credit. Whether agencies need working capital to hire new talent, maximize a marketing opportunity, or extend client payment terms, factoring allows staffing companies to convert unpaid invoices into cash.

In a recently published guide, Gibraltar addresses the top 10 most frequent questions related to staffing factoring. Click here to download a copy of Gibraltar’s Guide to Staffing Factoring.

The guide defines the fundamentals of factoring, outlines the services provided by MVP Staffing, and answers some of the most salient questions newcomers to the financing tool might have.

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