Creative financing solutions for every stage of the business lifecycle.

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Creative financing solutions for every stage of the business lifecycle.

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We Provide

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    From $250K to $10 million

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    Revolving lines of credit and equipment term loans

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    Greater Liquidity and Flexibility

    Than a traditional commercial bank loan and many other financing vehicles

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    Borrowing capacity based on asset values

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    Creative Financing for Companies With:

    • Rapid sales growth
    • Limited operating or credit history
    • Negative operating performance or cash flow
    • Lack of tangible net worth

Gibraltar works with private and public companies across all industries with target revenue between:

$2 MM – $100 MM

We also partner with businesses with seasonal peaks and valleys in revenue, customer concentrations or those with slow paying accounts receivable.

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    Acceptable Collateral:

    Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Machinery and Equipment

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    Transaction Types:

    Acquisition, Buyout, Refinance, Recapitalization or Growth

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    Special Situations:

    Beginning, Middle, or End of a Turnaround or Bankruptcy


Factoring, also known as invoice financing or accounts receivable financing, is a simple and easy financing alternative that turns receivables into cash. Instead of having to wait 60 days to get paid, factoring allows you to get paid today, immediately improving cash flow. Compared to traditional factoring which is invoice specific and subject to discount charges that are confusing, our factoring product operates as a revolving Accounts Receivable line of credit and is transparently priced.

Receivables Plus

At Gibraltar Business Capital, we’ve built a business on out-of-the-box financial solutions. In order to meet the growing liquidity needs of small to medium sized businesses, we combined some of the best features and benefits of our product offerings into a game-changing product we call Receivables Plus. Through our Receivables Plus product, we can advance up to 120% of a company’s accounts receivable balance, well beyond the typical 85% advance rate offered by other factoring companies.

Asset Based Lending

Gibraltar builds asset based revolving lines of credit and equipment term loans up to $10 million based on approved asset balances such as commercial accounts receivable, raw and finished goods inventory, and machinery & equipment. Our job is to provide a viable bridge – to extend a lifeline to companies that banks may not be comfortable with. The result is a powerful form of business financing that works for small to middle market companies and their various stakeholders.

Recent Credit Facilites


$1.8MM Line of Credit


$6MM Line of Credit

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About Us

Deep Experience

Since our first client in 1951, we’ve built on our experience and secured a position as an asset-based lending industry leader.

Creative Solutions

We help business owners and their advisors execute on their plans, at their pace, no matter what the circumstance.

Backed By Long Term Investors

Our company is backed by long-standing investments from Southern California’s CCCC Growth fund and Dallas-based Satori Capital, coupled with a line of credit from Wells Fargo Capital Finance.

65+ Years Experience


“We started working with Gibraltar in 2013 to support our long term growth plans. Within the first few years working together, we grew revenue 8 times with their capital support. As we have grown and faced challenges along the way, we’ve felt no need to seek other lender support as our opportunities with Gibraltar always expand to fit our needs.” Kenneth Leonard, CEO, Sunburst Digital
“Like many CEOs, one of my biggest concerns is how my lender will react to any unforeseen needs we might have as we build our business. The strength of the relationship between our two companies gives me the confidence that we can work through any challenges together, as partners, and with an aligned commitment to what’s best for True Health.” Chris Grottenthaler, CEO, True Health Diagnostics