Alerion Partners — A Private Equity Firm Relies on Gibraltar’s Financing Team

Alerion Partners — A Private Equity Firm Relies on Gibraltar’s Financing Team

Alerion Partners is a growth-stage private equity investor that has used Gibraltar to set the stage for success in more than one of its sponsored companies. 

According to Sayles Braga, a Principal at Alerion Partners, “Even in high growth and stable businesses, you’re going to get surprises.”

When Financial Sponsors Uncover the Unknown…

Even the most careful investor will uncover surprises in some of their sponsored companies. Alerion found working capital issues in one of its quickly-growing businesses—the cash available wasn’t enough to meet the current growth needs of the company. 

Having worked with Gibraltar previously, Braga called in the Gibraltar team to help find a solution. 

…They Need Solutions, Not More Problems

“Instead of panicking, as some lenders might, and getting more restrictive with the loan, they sat down and worked with us to find a solution,” said Braga. “That’s why we’ve gone back to Gibraltar again. They have been phenomenal partners.”

Gibraltar was able to be a good partner for Alerion because of the team’s significant experience working with private equity firms. They’ve developed a clear understanding of financial sponsors’ needs, based on attentive listening, collaboration and a focus on getting companies through special, sometimes difficult, situations, with patience and understanding. 

Gibraltar looks for ways to enable businesses to thrive on their own, and that aligns their purpose with that of financial sponsors. Gibraltar’s leadership believes they have succeeded when a company can successfully transition to traditional financing sources.

Top 5 Reasons Sponsors Partner With Gibraltar

  • Access to senior management
  • Strong credit knowledge and experience
  • Flexibility and creativity
  • Term sheet integrity/reliability of implementation
  • Willingness to work through transitions and special situations

If you’re a private equity investor looking for a key financing partner to help you realize your investment goal, watch our video to hear the benefits directly from a colleague who has worked with us more than once. 

You can also check out the quality of our leadership and read case studies of some of the more than 200 companies we’ve helped. Then set up a consultation today with our responsive sales team.

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