Creative Capital Solutions

Gibraltar provides small to medium sized businesses fresh and accessible capital alternatives to a commercial bank loan, which is typically more restrictive. We help business owners and their advisors execute on their plans, at their pace, no matter what the circumstance.


Our Company

Headquartered in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Gibraltar Business Capital helps companies secure the working capital they need to thrive. Evolving from Gibraltar Financial Corporation’s 65-year history, our company is well positioned with the capital, infrastructure, people and resources to fulfill business needs.

We know every company—and deal—is different. So the way we do business is a little different, too. To us, creativity is modern lending. So we listen to individual clients’ needs, design custom capital solutions and service companies with the reliability and transparency they deserve to grow, change or gain momentum.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership is focused on fostering the right team, entrepreneurial approach, solutions and service style to grow and fulfill a demand for fast, flexible and creative lending. We are backed by long-term investments from Southern California’s CCCC Growth Fund and Dallas-based Satori Capital, with a line of credit from Wells Fargo Capital Finance. The combined strength of our leadership and capital base allow us to do what we do best: provide businesses with the critical funds they require to grow. Learn more or meet the board.