Do I Have to Factor All of My Invoices?


Gibraltar Business Capital’s 13-part video series about factoring continues with questions about invoices. President Scott Winicour, who has explained the workings and nuances of factoring in previous video installments, takes on this frequently asked question: Do I have to turn over all of my invoices to a factor? “At Gibraltar, we operate using a line of credit by pooling invoices … Read More

Where Do Companies in Distress Turn? Gibraltar Business Capital


Small and mid-market companies can find it difficult to raise capital or secure traditional lending when in turnaround mode. At Gibraltar Business Capital, we look beyond financial statements and earnings fluctuations to help companies pull out of unexpected hardships. “Many companies, no matter how big or small, go through difficult periods,” said Scott Winicour, Gibraltar Business Capital President. “For companies … Read More

Ask a Small Business Financing Expert: Top Tips for Managing & Financing a High-Growth Staffing Company

Gibraltar Business Capital President Scott Winicour was a featured contributor on recently. In the article, he addresses a common question he hears from small and mid-market businesses including staffing companies: How can business owners successfully manage and finance growth, while steering their business and focusing on day-to-day operations. Winicour shares four insights to help staffing companies thrive, including: Planning … Read More

Speed to Close Essential When Securing Working Capital

Often, businesses need funding in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Whether solving a challenge or harnessing a new opportunity, business owners and their advisors don’t always have time to spare. At Gibraltar Business Capital, we understand the unique needs of small and mid-market companies and recognize that long application and underwriting processes don’t cut it. “Working capital … Read More

Defining our Core Values: Authentic, Reliable, and Thoughtful

What inspires you to work hard and do your best? For the team at Gibraltar, it’s more than just a paycheck. Like most employees, we want to feel capable and appreciated – and perhaps most importantly – feel empowered to make difference. So, what’s one of the keys to making work feel like more than just work? For us, a … Read More

The Facts about Recourse vs Nonrecourse Factoring

When small and mid-market businesses are looking for solutions to capital challenges, searching online can be overwhelming. Search terms, industry jargon and definitions can vary by financing company, creating confusion and prolonging the process. At Gibraltar Business Capital we value transparency – and simplicity. We cut to the chase and provide direct answers to clients’ most common questions. Case in … Read More

Gibraltar Celebrates Record 2017 Growth

2017 was an important year for Gibraltar both in terms of growth and momentum. As the year comes to a close, Gibraltar Business Capital President Scott Winicour took some time to reflect on key milestones and look ahead to 2018. Throughout the year, Gibraltar celebrated successes ranging from record funding levels to expanding its sales team, launching a new service … Read More

Gibraltar Rounds Out November by Closing 2 New ABL Credit Facilities totaling $7.7MM

Gibraltar Business Capital recently closed two new asset-based funding credit facilities to help private companies advance their productions during short-term transitional periods. One was a $4.5MM credit facility for CDA Inc., a Charlotte, N.C.- based maker and supplier of optical storage media. Founded in 2000, CDA has been able to grow market share at a time when optical storage media, … Read More

How Do You Contact My Customers?

Throughout Gibraltar Business Capital’s 13-part video series focused on factoring, President Scott Winicour explains aspects of the factoring process. In this video installment, he discusses how factors mitigate risk by contacting customers – and Winicour also highlights how instead of simply verifying invoices, Gibraltar uses a quality assurance program as a tool for contacting customers. “All factoring companies are taking … Read More

Factoring & Back Office Solutions Position Staffing Companies for Growth

According to the American Staffing Association, there are nearly 20,000 staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions companies providing job and career opportunities for approximately 15 million people each year. “The staffing industry has outpaced overall economic and employment growth in the United States and shows no signs of slowing down,” noted Gibraltar President Scott Winicour. Gibraltar has experience managing the financial … Read More