Retail Industry Players Struggling with Changing Landscape Turn to Gibraltar for Financial Support

The retail landscape is changing rapidly as consumers shift their shopping habits to omnichannels that allow them to buy whatever they want, whenever they want it, and from whichever platform they choose. That’s putting traditional retailers and e-commerce sites alike in hyperspeed mode as they struggle to stay abreast of the ever-changing industry in their battles for the consumer’s share of wallet.

Gibraltar Business Capital has long been a partner to the retail industry and, like its players, has adjusted precipitously to this evolving trade to partner with businesses facing any number of challenges whether they’re bricks-and-mortar, online, or a little bit of both.

“Etail is the new retail, and we’re as open to working with the online community as we are bricks-and-mortar,” says Scott Winicour, CEO of Gibraltar Business Capital. “As an asset-based lender, we can add a lot of a value to businesses by unlocking working capital through their receivables or their inventory.”

“Like the industry, we have adjusted to the Internet economy by lending to business-to-consumer retailers with a heavy emphases on inventory in creative manners,” Winicour says. “It’s much like what we’ve done traditionally with businesses-to-business retail players, or manufacturers who sell directly to bricks-and-mortar based businesses.

“Our strength has always been our ability to move with the economy to come up with custom-tailored capital solutions for our clients,” he adds.

Gibraltar Business Capital’s track record speaks for itself. It has long supported retail businesses in need of growth capital from those with transitional needs for acquisitions to those that need quick financial resources to meet supply chain issues.

“We look at each individual case, the management and the situation to see if we can find ways to help that fit,” Winicour said. “Asset-based lending is a viable alternative source of capital that Gibraltar creatively leverages to help retailers and etailers navigate any bumpy paths ahead.”

Retail industry players looking for a financial partner can find one in Gibraltar Business Capital.

Do you represent  a retailer or small to medium-sized business looking for creative ways to unlock asset value? Contact us today.

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