Observations from the 2018 Midwest Staffing Conference

After months of anticipation, the Midwest Staffing Conference did not disappoint. Here is a quick recap of outstanding moments from the conference and what we heard on the showroom floor.

Day two kicked off with Tom Erb’s overview of the current state of the market, in which job openings are at a record high and applicants are harder to attract. Tom explained that in a candidate-driven market, we need to rewrite our job descriptions to focus less on the nuts and bolts of the job and more on selling the company itself. The idea is to attract top talent by highlighting the appeal of the company right from the get-go.

As culture is a key part of what makes a company appealing to applicants, Tom’s speech transitioned nicely into Chris Dyer’s follow-up discussion, “7 Cultural Changes that Matter.” Chris talked about 7 pillars to cultural success based on his book “The Power of Company Culture.” He emphasized the importance of using active listening with your team by repeating back what you thought you heard and removing distractions from your interactions.

Chris also spoke about positivity as a key aspect of company culture, which is an important component of Gibraltar’s core values. He explained that positivity in practice means changing the way we frame our discussions to focus on what is working, rather than what is not. This strengths-based approach helps leaders gain commitment and loyalty from their team.

The conference was buzzing with triumphs and challenges that come with managing growth, which is no surprise since the staffing industry has outpaced the overall economic and employment growth of the United States. Gibraltar has experience managing the financial needs of staffing agencies to support a variety of initiatives, ranging from hiring new talent and maximizing marketing opportunity to extending client payment terms.

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