Get to Know Gibraltar: One-on-One with Mark Stoeberl, Chief Credit Officer

Chief Credit Officer Mark Stoeberl took a few minutes away from overseeing the credit and operations of Gibraltar Business Capital to talk about his role and himself. A Wisconsin native, he’s been with Gibraltar since September 2012, contributing his asset-based lending expertise to the team.

What is your role at Gibraltar?

My responsibilities include setting credit policies for the organization and assessing risk. I provide guidance and oversight to the operations team and to our account executives, who manage the day-to-day relationships with our clients.

My job is not only to monitor risk within our portfolio, but to also offer suggestions on how we can better structure transactions for our clients to maximize their potential for growth.

What opportunities do you see on the horizon?

One of the things that attracted me to Gibraltar is the entrepreneurial approach to credit requests we take with our clients. We try to understand their business and structure a solution that satisfies their needs.

At Gibraltar, we pride ourselves on taking an open-minded approach and finding the best structure that benefits both the client and our organization. Our experienced team is trained to listen, think differently, and take unique circumstances into account.

That opens the door for many clients who sometimes don’t have anywhere else to turn. If we need to take a creative approach, we can do that.

What else makes Gibraltar unique?

There are a number of things that make Gibraltar unique, and our flexibility is chief among them. We’re a smaller organization, so we’re able to turn around requests quickly, which sets us apart from other institutions.

Our clients have access to senior management and the ability to talk to the decision makers. That allows us to be better at what we do and to develop strong relationships with our clients.

Lending is not purely just a numbers game. It’s about conversations and relationships.

What do you do in your spare time that your coworkers and clients might not know?

I wear lederhosen. Well, only when I dance with the German folk dance group I belong to. I’ve been doing it my entire life, and my kids, who are in college now, participated in it when they were young.

I competed nationally with my group for a number of years, but now we get together for festivals and events to do performances. A lot of times it revolves around Oktoberfest, but there are other events like Germanfest in Milwaukee during the summer.  There are enough events in southeastern Wisconsin to keep us busy.

I also like riding my Harley. I didn’t start riding until I was in my 30s—but I enjoy the experience. No, I don’t ride my motorcycle with my lederhosen on!

Interested to learn more about Gibraltar’s executive team? Visit our leadership page or contact a member of our sales team.

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