How Fast Can I Get Paid on an Invoice?

This is the sixth installment of a multi-part video series Gibraltar Business Capital created to help small- and mid-market businesses learn about factoring. These businesses can use this valuable invoice-financing solution to solve short-term challenges or capitalize on big growth opportunities.

In this video, Scott Winicour, Gibraltar Business Capital’s president, talks about how quickly businesses can access funding through their invoices. “Once you’re set up with that initial funding with a factoring provider, you can get same-day funding on your invoices going forward,” he says.

At Gibraltar Business Capital, where staff is at the ready, businesses simply submit their invoices by late-morning to include them in the borrowing base and “we make funding available the same day,” Winicour says.

Gibraltar Business Capital prides itself on its transparency and its ability to give businesses a quick turnaround when funding is needed. Want to see if the process works for your business? Click here to watch the 13-part video series and find out how Gibraltar partners with businesses when banks and other funding sources won’t.

Looking for help with short-term capital issues or to capitalize on a growth opportunity? Click here to contact us today and request a factoring quote.

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