Where Do Companies in Distress Turn? Gibraltar Business Capital


Small and mid-market companies can find it difficult to raise capital or secure traditional lending when in turnaround mode. At Gibraltar Business Capital, we look beyond financial statements and earnings fluctuations to help companies pull out of unexpected hardships.

“Many companies, no matter how big or small, go through difficult periods,” said Scott Winicour, Gibraltar Business Capital President. “For companies with challenges, there are a variety of considerations and requirements to correct course, but regardless of the industry or situation, working capital is essential to create steady, positive movement after a period of decline.”

Gibraltar looks at the unique circumstances of each company and crafts a creative solution to help them weather the storm. Following, we’ve recapped a few recent examples of financing solutions that allowed companies to survive and thrive.

  • Gibraltar helped a full-service fluid drilling company struggling through the oil industry’s challenges, by tailoring a $6MM asset-based line of credit. The ABL unlocked the value of company’s inventory and equipment, and tapped a large tranche of unbilled accounts receivable as collateral.
  • Gibraltar provided a $4.5MM accounts receivable credit for a maker and supplier of optical storage media, to right-size itself in a changing environment. Funding allowed the company to continue growing market share at a time when optical storage mediais facing stiff competition from new technology.
  • A manufacturer of premiere fiberglass tanks needed financing to recover from a dip in the agriculture industry. Gibraltar provided $2.5MM, looking to accounts receivables, inventory, and machinery as collateral. Coupled with new ownership equity contributions and cuts in spending, the company is now in a comfortable liquidity position to complete its turnaround.

Is your business or a business you are advising facing a turnaround situation? Contact us today and we will connect you with a member of our sales team.

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