A Lending Relationship with Flexibility

In a recent client interview, Michael Fleischman, Chief Financial Officer of Digital Remedy, shared how working with Gibraltar Business Capital provided them with the flexibility they need in a lender.  He explained, “Our relationship with Gibraltar is unique as compared to previous relationships with the larger commercial banks.”

As a modernizer in the Ad Tech industry, Digital Remedy experienced rapid growth shortly after the start of their partnership with Gibraltar. This led to a change in their financial needs. A typical lender wouldn’t have been willing to increase their line so soon in the relationship, but Gibraltar did so with excellent service and an approval process that is less cumbersome than that of other lenders.  “We just found there was a lot less red tape,” Michael added.

Gibraltar partners with its clients to understand their unique business and capital needs.  That level of understanding allows them to personalize lending in a way that other lenders can’t and have the confidence to take risks that other lenders won’t.

If you are in need of cash flow flexibility to capitalize on a growth opportunity click here to contact us today and request a proposal.

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