Gibraltar’s $18MM Credit Facility Funds Acquisition for Family Office

In a time of turmoil, Gibraltar Business Capital funded an acquisition for a new client via an $18 million line of credit. The transaction was initiated by a family office investor group.

No Time to Wait

The family office acquired two refrigeration divisions of a larger manufacturing company. With facilities in Wisconsin and Mississippi, the divisions manufacture a full line of refrigerated cabinets and walk-ins for use in food service, restaurants, grocery stores, and other retail end markets.

The family office investor group approached Gibraltar because of the lender’s reputation for reliable delivery and quick execution. As with any acquisition financing, Gibraltar needed to move quickly to ensure a timely and certain closing of the overall transaction.

Delivered as Promised

Despite the size and complexity of this transaction, and the work challenges created by the pandemic, the $18 million line of credit was closed and funded within 35 days of the purchase agreement signing by the family office and the selling parent company. Gibraltar was able to offer a creative structure that allowed some diligence to be done post close in order to close more quickly and meet the seller’s tight closing deadline. The speed and responsiveness of Gibraltar’s team exceeded everyone’s expectations and set the groundwork for a strong lending relationship.

Gibraltar prides itself on doing what it takes to help companies and their advisers seize opportunities when they arise. Years of working closely with various types of investor groups has given Gibraltar significant expertise and understanding of the issues involved in these types of transactions, strengthening their ability to make the process smooth and quick.

Gibraltar offers credit facility capacity between $2 million and $20 million to serve mid-market businesses and their unique needs. Check out the quality of our leadership and read case studies of some of the more than 200 companies Gibraltar has helped so far. Then set up a consultation today with our responsive sales team.

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