Gibraltar Spotlight: Get to Know Diane Jankowski

Diane Jankowski is a Loan Structuring Officer with Gibraltar Business Capital, an integral part of our Sales Team who works closely with our customers, listening to their needs and ensuring the loan structure addresses them. Diane shared more about the uniqueness of her job role in the industry, how COVID has affected Gibraltar, the supportive role of Gibraltar’s culture and her personal passions.

What is your role at Gibraltar?

I work with the business development team to analyze and structure loan facilities. My role is a hybrid of sales and credit functions, which most of our competitors don’t even have. I dive in deep at the front end of the opportunity, listening to the customer’s needs and what’s most important to them to help determine how Gibraltar can help. Since I see every transaction, I can leverage learning from across transactions to create unique loan structures for our clients. Plus, I have direct access to the credit decision makers, including the chief credit officer. I think this results in win-win loan structuring that is within Gibraltar’s credit and risk parameters, but at the same time is creative enough to ensure the customer gets the best possible solution.

What opportunities do you see for Gibraltar on the horizon?

COVID is so unfortunate, but it has allowed Gibraltar to step up and showcase its core values of authenticity, reliability, and thoughtfulness. I led emotional intelligence training for our internal team to help them deal with highly emotional situations and this has become even more useful during COVID. I can tell you that when our people work to understand our customers’ situations and reach out to let them know about all the loans and services available now, they aren’t just looking to book business. They genuinely care about our customers and referral sources.

What makes GBC unique in your point of view?

It’s that genuine compassion that I think sets Gibraltar apart. We are a relationship-based company. We don’t hide behind email; instead we pick up the phone and have real conversations. And it’s not just external relationships that are important. Internal relationships are equally important. Everyone who works here is willing to support each other.

What do you find most rewarding about working at GBC?

I’m so appreciative of the continuous personal development opportunities. This is such a supportive environment.

How do you enjoy spending your time outside of work?

Yoga and meditation are my main hobbies outside of work. I even started a meditation hour in the office. I’m also a public speaker and teacher in a personal development community I belong to. I also write fiction and poems in my spare time.

What are you looking forward to in 2020 and beyond?

I’m probably looking forward to the same things as so many people these days — coming together in person again with my colleagues and family. Small things have come to count so much.

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