Gibraltar Creates Asset Based Loan for E-commerce Cable Management Company

Gibraltar Business Capital recently closed a new $3MM asset-based credit facility for, a Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based e-commerce distributor of products founded on managing cord clutter in homes and offices. Today, its more than 100,000 products also include electrical supplies, network products, home theater components, tools and testers. The larger and more flexible Gibraltar revolver will allow the company to expand into manufacturing, a new growth area supplementing its previous distribution-only business model. Gibraltar Business Capital creatively structured the financing leveraging receivables and inventory, giving the working capital it needs to fund its move into manufacturing surge protector systems for large data centers, a formidable niche in the constant evolution of the technology industry. This made-to-order new business line provides back up in case of power outages for the growing number of oversized data centers springing up across the country and has the potential to exponentially build Cable Organizer’s catalog of products, both as a distributor and manufacturer.

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