3 Examples of How Unconventional Assets Were Used to Finance Working Capital

Gibraltar Business Capital knows that no two businesses are alike, but every single one needs a reliable flow of working capital. Gibraltar specializes in helping small and mid-market companies meet their capital needs in ways that are as unique as the companies themselves.

Traditionally, lenders look to set availability for working capital lines of credit based on standard asset types, focusing for example only on billed commercial accounts receivable or finished goods inventory as they consider eligible collateral for a borrowing base. Gibraltar Business Capital strives to go beyond traditional approaches to unlock much needed cash flow for our clients. We’ve recapped some recent examples of out-of-the-box financing solutions based on unconventional assets below:

• Gibraltar leveraged modern technology to provide financing against unbilled accounts receivable for multiple advertising services companies this past year, extending over $5MM in commitments in both cases.
• Gibraltar provided an over $10MM revolver to a government contractor, using the firm’s accounts receivable, inventory and including, in this case, work in progress (WIP) inventory as collateral.
• Rapid growth left multiple e-commerce fashion retailers in a crunch to meet demand. Gibraltar looked to inventory-only structures to help finance growth.

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