Financing Rapid Growth and Innovation

In a recent video, Tiffany Coletti Kaiser, EVP of Marking and Client Services at Digital Remedy shares how having a nontraditional finance partner like Gibraltar Business Capital has been a game changer for their business.

To be a modernizer in the Ad Tech industry, Digital Remedy requires capital to invest in their tech stack and their team of specialists. Staying ahead of the curve requires up front investments that can create financial risk and cash flow gaps for their growing business.

Having a financial partner that is stable, flexible, and innovative has allowed Digital Remedy the resources to invest in these necessities. Elaborating on their partnership with Gibraltar, Tiffany added, “They not only sit with us at the table to understand the pressures of the business but are also willing to have the discussions about the opportunities we see, even when the marketplace isn’t seeing it.”

Watch Tiffany’s testimonial and learn more about how Gibraltar can bring so much more than capital to a partnership with your business.

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