Factoring for Staffing Companies

Gibraltar Business Capital has experience managing the financial needs and factoring for staffing companies across a wide range of industries including temporary staffing, IT staffing, warehouse staffing, light industrial staffing and others.

Whether your agency needs working capital to hire new talent, maximize a marketing opportunity, or extend client payment terms, factoring allows staffing companies to convert unpaid invoices into cash today.

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Gibraltar’s Accelerated Financing Process

Why Staffing Factoring from Gibraltar?

Line of credit approach

65+ years of experience

Turnkey back office solutions


Free Guide to Factoring for Staffing Companies

Includes the top 10 most frequent questions related to accessing working capital via invoice financing.


Back Office Solutions

Gibraltar has partnered with MVP Staffing to provide back office solutions for staffing companies to minimize the demand on human resources and back office teams. MVP Staffing offers a suite of staff management services and a proven track record for creating efficiencies and streamlining workflows internally. Back office solutions are available as turnkey or a la carte services.

Operating since 2000, MVP Staffing has deep expertise in all aspects of staffing administration and managing staffing needs.

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • ACA Administration/Compliance
  • HR Front- & Back-Office Technology
  • Complete Payroll Services
  • Simplified Rate Structure
  • Risk Management Consulting & Support
  • Taxes & Unemployment
  • Direct Deposit & Check Cards
  • Financial Reporting
  • I-9 Processing & Compliance

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