Need Supply Co. – Doubles the Size of ABL Loan Relationship

Gibraltar provides a creative and flexible solution to allow for expansion and further growth.



Need Supply Co., an upscale clothing and lifestyle retailer, started out in 1996 as a small storefront selling vintage jeans in Richmond, Virginia. Over the years, Need Supply has grown significantly, keeping its brick-and-mortar location but expanding its sales to include e-commerce to stay on track with industry trends.

Need Supply originally approached Gibraltar in 2017 for help in expanding its business with a larger, more flexible credit solution. Gibraltar helped the company refinance existing debt with a multi-million dollar asset-based line of credit that maximized the value of its inventory and put the company on track for continued growth.

More recently, Need Supply embarked on an integration and consolidation with its sister company, Totokaelo, a high-end clothing retailer that divides it sales between popular Soho and Seattle stores and an e-commerce platform. The integration of the two companies allows both to realize significant efficiencies, especially with regards to inventory management. Facing another transition, Needs Supply once again turned to Gibraltar to facilitate a flexible asset-based loan solution. However, this time around, Gibraltar needed to adapt the ABL facility to the additional needs of Totokaelo. Gibraltar leveraged the assets of each company to increase the financing relationship to double the original size, allowing for expansion and further growth.

“Gibraltar not only showed creativity in terms of inventory valuation, but they also understood our business plans, taking other factors into account – like planned expense reductions from shared services consolidation,” said Chris Bossola, CEO. “We’ve enjoyed a strong relationship with Gibraltar and they’ve proven multiple times that they have a unique ability to find creative solutions to meet our ongoing financing needs”

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