Direct Communication Solutions – $1 Million Accounts Receivable Line of Credit

Looking to Direct Communication Solutions’ accounts receivable, Gibraltar renewed its relationship with the machine-to-machine provider of products, services, solutions and support that brings wireless projects to life with $1 million in financing for a business transition.



Relationship building is at the core of Gibraltar’s business model, and its ties with Direct Communication Solutions (DCS) are another testament to that. When DCS was in need of liquidity to help it transition into higher-margin embedded modules, routers and GPS products, their executives picked up the phone and called an old friend: Gibraltar.

Gibraltar, who had been a business partner with DCS once before, was there to help. Gibraltar demonstrated, once again, an exceptional level of customer service, as well as creative financing solutions that many Gibraltar customers have come to know and rely on. For DCS, it meant helping them ramp up production of higher-margin products at a time when volume was steady, but prices were dropping, impacting overall sales and cash flow.

Using its accounts receivable, Gibraltar was able to help DCS route a new pricing course in the world of machine-to-machine technology. “We were able to assist returning customers with the necessary liquidity to help them achieve their business plans for 2018,” said Scott Shapiro, senior vice president at Gibraltar.

“For us, relationships matter, and great client service is essential. This philosophy is an extension of Gibraltar’s core values – Authentic, Reliable, and Thoughtful,” explained Shapiro. “The fact that DCS returned to Gibraltar strengthens our commitment to providing our clients with stability during periods of transformation, while serving them with excellence.”

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