CPXi – $7.5MM ABL Line of Credit

Media technology and digital solutions company, CPXi, locks in $7.5 million through Gibraltar, allowing the company to leverage existing assets while effectively competing in a demand heavy marketplace.



Media tech company CPXi, a digital solutions company headquartered in New York with offices globally, required some creative financing after pursuing the sale of one of its operating divisions. Underwriting on an initial ABL line of credit had already taken place, which created a challenge that Gibraltar took head on.

Thanks to the characteristic flexibility of Gibraltar, as well as the special care and extra effort undertaken by the team, this out-of-the-box loan scenario was secured to the utmost satisfaction of the client. CPXi acknowledged the unique requests asked of the Gibraltar team in restructuring the new deal in a revised timeline that met the company’s expectations.

This transaction in particular represents all things that continue to make Gibraltar stand out in the specialty finance space:

  • People before profit
  • Wholly flexible facilities
  • Creative problem solving
  • Trust in transparent communication
  • Custom solutions for complex businesses