Gibraltar Crafts $5MM Financing Solution for Sponsored Manufacturer

At Gibraltar, we work hard to develop successful financing solutions for our financial sponsor partners and their companies. Special situations are our specialty. We are all now experiencing a set of circumstances that is unique in our lifetimes and impacting companies all over the country in ways they couldn’t see coming. But Gibraltar Business Capital is still here, providing asset-based financing to companies in transition.

We recently closed on a new $5,000,000 credit facility with a Missouri-based manufacturer.

New Private Equity Owners Look for Working Capital and Flexibility

Headquartered in Kansas City, MO, our new client has been in business since 1952, manufacturing, supplying, designing, marketing, selling and servicing refueling and related equipment. Their products include:

  • Refueling products and hydrant dispensers
  • Propane and vacuum products
  • Above-ground fuel storage systems

They supply major fueling companies, oil companies, commercial airlines, the military, environmental end markets, freight distribution companies, and fuel marketers around the globe.

The company was recently purchased by a private equity group interested in its success. One of the first steps after the purchase was to look for funding to stabilize cash flow and invest in the future.

Gibraltar Funds $5MM Credit Facility

Despite the company’s long history of operations and global position in refueling equipment, traditional bank sources were not a good fit with its immediate needs for ongoing working capital. Gibraltar stepped in with a $5 million line of credit based on the company’s collateral — accounts receivable, inventory, and machinery and equipment.

Unlike traditional lenders, Gibraltar looks beyond formulaic ratios and performance blips. This enables us to provide private equity investors​ and their companies more leeway than traditional funding sources might. Gibraltar is also able to offer:

  • Swift action, closing in as few as 30 days
  • No minimum equity requirements for new acquisitions
  • Borrowing base creativity for maximum liquidity and flexibility
  • Patience and stabilizing support during challenging times

Special Situation Expertise

At Gibraltar, we support a multitude of special circumstances for our financial sponsors including:

  • Turnarounds: acquisitions, refinances
  • Customer concentrations
  • Seasonal or cyclical cash flow fluctuation
  • The business impacts of economic down cycles, tariffs, or new regulations

We’re dedicated and honored to help financial sponsors and companies work through these situations, regain their stability and thrive. So far, we’ve helped nearly 200 borrowers with total lending commitments of $430 million.

The situation businesses find themselves in today may be unprecedented and intensely difficult, but that’s exactly when you need a team like ours that is used to helping clients face unusual situations with calm and innovative thinking.

Gibraltar offers credit facility capacity between $2 million and $20 million to serve mid-market businesses and their unique needs. Check out the quality of our leadership and read case studies of some of the more than 200 companies Gibraltar has helped so far. Then set up a consultation today with our responsive sales team.

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