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Gibraltar Business Capital and Financial Sponsors — Partnerships That Work

If you are a private equity sponsor of a company in transition, your main goal is to get that company on track for increased profitability and sustainable business success as quickly as possible. That company’s assets can be the key to unlocking the right financing to stabilize cash flow and implement strategic plans.


A Guide to Achieving the Benefits of Asset-Based Lending

If your company is in transition—acquisition, growth, seasonal or market fluctuations, restructuring, or recapitalization—your existing assets could become a source of flexible, responsive financing for investment or day-to-day operating needs.


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A CFO’s Quick Guide to Asset-Based Lending

For seasonal businesses, companies going through explosive periods of growth, or organizations in other forms of transition, traditional lending options aren’t always viable. The answer to the cash flow concerns of many organizations, especially asset-heavy organizations, is a type of alternative financing called asset-based lending (ABL).

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What CFOs Should Know About Asset-Based Lending

In a recent client interview, Luke Blackwell, Chief Financial Officer of Horizon Mud Company, offered his perspective on asset-based lending and what CFOs need to know about it. As a seasoned finance executive with experience in investment banking and equity analysis, Luke has found ABL to be helpful during upswings and periods of retraction.

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