Receivables Plus™

Through our Receivables Plus™ product, we can advance up to 120% of a company’s accounts receivable balance, well beyond the typical 85% advance rate offered by other factoring companies.

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The Gibraltar Difference

ADVANCE RATEUp to 120% of A/R85% of A/RMore capital available for business needs
PRICINGPay fees only on funds advancedPay fees on full face value of invoicesTransparent pricing - no hidden fees
STRUCTURELine of CreditInvoice by invoice advancesControl daily advance amount and costs
VERIFICATIONPortfolio-basedInvoice-specificLess disruptive to customer relationships

The 120% Difference

Why Receivables Plus™?

Maximum liquidity

Fast, easy approval and funding

No personal guaranty required

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