Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring, also known as invoice financing or accounts receivable financing, is a simple and flexible financing alternative that turns receivables into cash. Instead of having to wait 60 days to get paid, factoring allows you to get paid today, immediately improving cash flow.

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Gibraltar’s Accelerated Invoice Financing Process

Why Gibraltar Invoice Factoring?

Same day funding

Clear, upfront fees; no surprises

Fast, easy approval and funding process

No personal guaranty

The Gibraltar Difference

PRICINGPay fees only on funds advancedPay fees on full face value of invoicesTransparent pricing - no hidden fees
STRUCTURELine of CreditInvoice by invoice advancesControl daily advance amount and costs
VERIFICATIONPortfolio-basedInvoice-specificLess disruptive to customer relationships

Free Invoice Factoring Guide

Download our how-to for small and mid-sized business looking to access working capital.


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“We started working with Gibraltar in 2013 to support our long term growth plans. Within the first few years working together, we grew revenue 8 times with their capital support. As we have grown and faced issues along the way, we’ve felt no need to seek other lender support as our opportunities with Gibraltar always expand to fit our needs.”Kenneth Leonard, CEO, Sunburst Digital
“They were very forthright and responsive, and I found that to be a huge plus to do business with them. I hope to have a very long relationship with GBC.” Steve Golden, Executive Chairman, Moasis