Sunburst Digital – Building a Long-Term Relationship Through Factoring

Gibraltar becomes a key player in Sunburst Digital’s continuing efforts to expand in the growing field of education technology.



In 2011, Sunburst Digital, which develops instructional technology and digital content solutions to help schools enhance both sides of the academic equation, was looking for a high-quality, relationship-based lender in its Chicago hometown. An innovator in the nascent ed tech and smart classroom market, Sunburst wanted a collaborator that had the ability to help it digest a recent acquisition and to support the firm’s long-term growth plans.

Immediately upon meeting the Gibraltar team, Sunburst Chief Executive Kenneth Leonard said he and his partner knew they had found a group with which they could cultivate an enduring relationship. Six years later, the relationship is still going strong.

“I’m most impressed by the quality of staff at Gibraltar and their capability to resist any temptation to put our business in a preconceived box of any kind,” Leonard said. “We earn our living helping school communities improve teaching and learning, and I’m confident that Gibraltar understands that and has designed our arrangements based on the appreciation for that mission.”

In the first three years alone, Sunburst was able to successfully expand its business through Gibraltar’s sometimes daily support and continued access to capital through Factoring, also known as invoice financing or accounts receivable financing. “Through that cycle, we ultimately grew revenues by more than eight times,” Leonard said. “We felt no need to seek other lender support, as our programs and opportunities with Gibraltar expanded to fit our needs.”

Gibraltar did that by doing what it does best: Demonstrates reliability and discipline in every interaction, relationship and process. The team puts their creative-financing caps on and goes to work to develop a plan to access working capital for a variety of small- and medium-sized businesses in all kinds of life stages. With Sunburst, Gibraltar was able to reshape those financing solutions to best meet the changing needs of the company over an extended period of time.

“As we have grown, faced challenges along the way, and ultimately built a stable long-term business, Gibraltar had the insight, confidence and appreciation of our people here to respectfully treat us as individuals.” Leonard added. “Their team works daily with our staff and almost functions in a capacity as being part of our own staff. We have clear common objectives and our pricing, access to capital and ability to meet our customer needs all are fair and efficient.”

Once again, Gibraltar lives by its word to build long-term relationships based upon more than just a balance sheet. Gibraltar’s mission is to help businesses meet their missions as they evolve into more successful companies.

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Client Feedback

“Our business with Gibraltar is integral to our ability to be a company with distinguished value to our customers. I genuinely believe they appreciate our business and I know that our staff appreciates their role in our success.”Kenneth Leonard, Sunburst Chief Executive