Moasis – $1.8MM Line of Credit

Gibraltar turns to simple solution to create flexibility for Moasis’ liquidity needs.



Moasis is an Austin, Tex.-based location-marketing technology company that has developed what it calls a “magic lever” that will connect businesses with consumers who may be standing right next to their products and willing to purchase them if only they were properly prompted.

The Moasis-patented Global Location Intelligent Decision Engine, or GLIDE, collects data in real time that delivers advertising specials and content to any mobile device based on the profiles of those using them and their GPS locations.

Moasis has steadily built its billings in double- and triple-digit percentages since 2013, and was looking for a lender that was willing to give it more liquidity on its collateral. Moasis also wanted the flexibility to borrow as often as every day or as little as once a month, depending on its needs.

Gibraltar was not only able to meet those requests but could do so quickly, despite some hurdles along the way. Rather than sticking to the strict guidelines that many other financing groups follow, GBC employed its holistic approach to find meaningful purpose where profit follows principle. GBC drew on Moasis’s management expertise and character with the same weight that it did its collateral and receivables.

When the two closed on the $1.8 million line of credit in early January, GBC used a formula based on the quality and status of Moasis’ monthly receivables. It was a simple solution to what can sometimes be a complicated problem, underscoring GBC’s unique place in financing small- and medium-sized businesses. Moreover, it allows Moasis the flexibility it needs to further fine tune and grow this “self-driving” solution that unlocks the potential of location.

“They are very responsive to our needs,” said Steve Golden, executive chairman of Moasis. “I could talk to them daily and if there is a need we have or a question, it is addressed immediately, typically within an hour’s time—which is far different than dealing with a bank or some other lenders.”

What’s more, he added, GBC’s level of professionalism was top notch. “There are plenty of deals out there to find in one manner or another, but it comes down to the execution and the people,” Golden said. “And GBC has both high-quality people and follow through.”

GBC prides itself on its team’s efforts to be on the spot to its clients’ needs, both short term and long term. It is in the business of building relationships based on direct and proactive terms that also demonstrate reliability and discipline.

Through flexible, yet simple structures, GBC is able to provide greater liquidity than its competitors in nearly every situation.

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Client Feedback

“They were very forthright and responsive, and I found that to be a huge plus to do business with them. I hope to have a very long relationship with GBC.” Steve Golden, Executive Chairman, Moasis