Gibraltar Crafts $5MM Financing Solution for Sponsored Manufacturer

At Gibraltar, we work hard to develop successful financing solutions for our financial sponsor partners and their companies. Special situations are our specialty. We are all now experiencing a set of circumstances that is unique in our lifetimes and impacting companies all over the country in ways they couldn’t see coming. But Gibraltar Business Capital is still here, providing asset-based … Read More

How Do Bridge Loans Work?

The most well-known type of bridge loan is used by individuals to finance closing on a home (or site of a future home) while waiting for a long-term mortgage to be approved. Business bridge loans work the same way and can be used for a multitude of business purposes. What is a Business Bridge Loan? A business bridge loan is … Read More

Meet Our New SVP Mark Pickering

Gibraltar welcomes Mark Pickering as the newest member of our expert business development team. He is an SVP based in Atlanta, covering the states of Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. Since beginning his career as a CPA for KPMG in New York, Mark has gained more than 25 years of experience in Asset Based Lending. During his extensive career, Mark’s … Read More

What Can Be Included in an ABL Facility?

ABL stands for asset based lending. As the name suggests, the heart and soul of these loan facilities are the assets owned by the borrowing company and used as collateral to obtain credit. But it’s not unusual to collateralize a loan. What is so special about ABL facilities? What is an ABL Facility? Unlike a cash-flow facility, where the lenders … Read More

8 Turnaround Tactics You Should Know

Companies can find themselves in trouble for a variety of reasons. Some involve internal challenges like the failure of a major project, poor sales, ineffective financial controls, lack of data for good decision-making. Other reasons can be external, like natural disasters, change in regulations, or economic recessions. No matter why a company becomes distressed, the basic elements of a turnaround … Read More

Public and Private Equity Basics

Equity is the type of additional capital often focused on by companies looking to finance rapid growth. The big advantage to equity is that it does not have to be repaid in the short-term. The major disadvantage is loss of ownership and some control. There are two basic types of equity capital – public and private. Each has its own … Read More

Gibraltar Continues to Grow, Welcoming New SVP Robin Oertel to the Midwest Region

Gibraltar welcomes Robin Oertel to the GBC family as a Senior Vice President and Business Development Officer, based out of Minneapolis, MN. Robin will be using her 20-plus years of experience to originate and execute new asset-based lending relationships in the Upper Midwest region (IL, WI, MN, IA, MO, ND, SD, NE, KS). Her experience in business development, relationship management … Read More

Types of Debt Financing

If you are a private equity sponsor or a company leader with a business that is poised for a new stage of growth, debt financing can be critical to carrying out your strategic plans. There are many loan structures to choose from, depending on the business’ needs and financial situation. There are also different types of lenders, with different qualification … Read More

3 Types of Capital to Grow Your Business

With growth capital, you can: Purchase equipment to increase your production and potential sales. Add employees to increase production, develop and carry out strategic plans. Increase marketing and advertising to help increase sales. Purchase real estate to house expanding operations. Enter a new market or expand your product/service line. Acquire or merge with another company to give your business a … Read More

3 Top Fintech Trends to Watch in 2020

Fintech, or financial services technology, is certainly not a new field. But the pace of technological advancement is moving faster and faster as the 21st century marches on. Today, commercial lenders are getting more and more resources to draw on in servicing clients and structuring deals. Big data and advanced technologies can speed up applications and underwriting, and potentially create … Read More