Alerion Partners — A Private Equity Firm Relies on Gibraltar’s Financing Team

Alerion Partners — A Private Equity Firm Relies on Gibraltar’s Financing Team

Alerion Partners is a growth-stage private equity investor that has used Gibraltar to set the stage for success in more than one of its sponsored companies.  According to Sayles Braga, a Principal at Alerion Partners, “Even in high growth and stable businesses, you’re going to get surprises.” When Financial Sponsors Uncover the Unknown… Even the most careful investor will uncover … Read More

Cashflow Series Part 3: Important Cash Flow Ratios

Important Cash Flow Ratios

A cash flow statement shows the inflows and outflows of cash for your business. Our Cash Flow Series Part 1 offers information on how to prepare a cash flow statement. Once your statement is prepared, data gleaned from it can be used to calculate specific financial ratios that indicate how liquid and viable your company is. If you are planning … Read More

Cash Flow Series Part 2: How Lenders Look at Cash Flow Ratios

How Lenders Look at Cash Flow Ratios

When your company needs additional capital to bridge a transitional period or finance new growth, you may be looking for a commercial loan. It’s helpful to know in advance what kind of company financial information a lender may want to evaluate. Cash flow ratios are not only important to your company, they are also very important to lenders because of … Read More

Cash Flow Series Part 1: How to Prepare Cash Flow Statements

Cashflow Series - Part 1: How to Prepare Cash Flow Statements

The cash flow statement, or statement of cash flows, is one of the three main financial statements used by companies to keep track of their financial health. The other two are the balance sheet and the income statement. The cash flow statement shows the flow of cash into and out of a company and the uses to which this cash … Read More

3 Examples of How Unconventional Assets Were Used to Finance Working Capital

Gibraltar Business Capital knows that no two businesses are alike, but every single one needs a reliable flow of working capital. Gibraltar specializes in helping small and mid-market companies meet their capital needs in ways that are as unique as the companies themselves. Traditionally, lenders look to set availability for working capital lines of credit based on standard asset types, … Read More

Where Do Companies in Distress Turn? Gibraltar Business Capital


Small and mid-market companies can find it difficult to raise capital or secure traditional lending when in turnaround mode. At Gibraltar Business Capital, we look beyond financial statements and earnings fluctuations to help companies pull out of unexpected hardships. “Many companies, no matter how big or small, go through difficult periods,” said Scott Winicour, Gibraltar Business Capital President. “For companies … Read More

Speed to Close Essential When Securing Working Capital

Often, businesses need funding in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Whether solving a challenge or harnessing a new opportunity, business owners and their advisors don’t always have time to spare. At Gibraltar Business Capital, we understand the unique needs of small and mid-market companies and recognize that long application and underwriting processes don’t cut it. “Working capital … Read More

Gibraltar Rounds Out November by Closing 2 New ABL Credit Facilities totaling $7.7MM

Gibraltar Business Capital recently closed two new asset-based funding credit facilities to help private companies advance their productions during short-term transitional periods. One was a $4.5MM credit facility for CDA Inc., a Charlotte, N.C.- based maker and supplier of optical storage media. Founded in 2000, CDA has been able to grow market share at a time when optical storage media, … Read More

Ask a Small Business Financing Expert: When Do Companies Need Working Capital Finance?

In another installment of Ask a Small Business Financing Expert, Dan McCallum, Gibraltar Business Capital vice president, answers two important questions: When do companies need working capital finance most? What is working capital finance best used for? Working capital is a common measure of liquidity, or the amount of cash on hand to handle the day-to-day operations of running a … Read More

Gibraltar Closes Asset Based Line of Credit for an Importer of Organic Clothing

Gibraltar Business Capital recently closed a new $2MM asset-based revolving line of credit to support rapid growth for PACT Apparel, which makes super soft organic cotton clothing, sold through wholesale partners and the company’s website ( The company is striving to change the apparel industry, by making clothing that is better for people and the planet. Gibraltar Business Capital more … Read More