How an ABL Evaluates your Inventory

Inventory is one of the most important categories of business assets that can be used as collateral for an asset-based loan. When you’re planning to apply for this type of alternative financing, it’s helpful to have some perspective on how your asset-based lender (ABL) looks at the value of your inventory for use as collateral. How Inventory is Valued in … Read More

Gibraltar Highlights Unique Deals that Mark a Record Breaking First Half of 2018

Throughout the year, we’ve featured unique deal types and use cases ranging from speed to close and finding solutions to challenging situations, to using unconventional assets to finance working capital. Gibraltar prides itself on our flexibility and ability to find creative financing solutions in almost any situation. We are pleased to recap some of the deals closed in the first … Read More

3 Examples of How Unconventional Assets Were Used to Finance Working Capital

Gibraltar Business Capital knows that no two businesses are alike, but every single one needs a reliable flow of working capital. Gibraltar specializes in helping small and mid-market companies meet their capital needs in ways that are as unique as the companies themselves. Traditionally, lenders look to set availability for working capital lines of credit based on standard asset types, … Read More