Gibraltar Business Capital Releases New Business Guide Detailing Factoring Fundamentals

A just-published guide from Gibraltar Business Capital is a comprehensive how-to for small and medium-sized businesses looking for ways to access working capital by factoring, also known as invoice financing or accounts-receivable financing. Factoring has become an increasingly popular financing tool for businesses faced with short-term working capital challenges or who are striving to seize a growth opportunity. Gibraltar’s guide, … Read More

Why Factoring Makes Sense for Staffing & Temporary Employment Agencies

The staffing industry plays a critical role in today’s economy. Temporary workers provide a unique function during periods of growth and decline, allowing employers to insulate their permanent employees from the ebbs and flows of the economy. For entrepreneurs with the right skill set, the staffing industry has a great deal of appeal. Startup costs are low and demand for … Read More

Working Capital 101: What is Working Capital?

The phrase working capital is tossed around a lot these days. But in the world of specialty finance, it’s a fundamental building block to getting businesses where they need to go in a timely matter.

Smart CEO Article: How to Create a Successful Company Culture

Aside from the required elements that are essential to running a successful business — having a defined goal and realistic expectations, retaining talented staff, a tailored strategy to achieve steady growth — there remains a key component and basis for the longevity of any successful business: the company’s core values.

The New Face of Factoring

Factoring has a reputation, but much of that is based on past perceptions—not the changing face of factoring for the future.

The Advantages of Asset Based Lending

Gibraltar Business Capital’s Scott Winicour discusses the advantages of asset based lending in this article published today on Axial Forum: News & Insights.