Where Do Companies in Distress Turn? Gibraltar Business Capital


Small and mid-market companies can find it difficult to raise capital or secure traditional lending when in turnaround mode. At Gibraltar Business Capital, we look beyond financial statements and earnings fluctuations to help companies pull out of unexpected hardships. “Many companies, no matter how big or small, go through difficult periods,” said Scott Winicour, Gibraltar Business Capital President. “For companies … Read More

How Do You Contact My Customers?

Throughout Gibraltar Business Capital’s 13-part video series focused on factoring, President Scott Winicour explains aspects of the factoring process. In this video installment, he discusses how factors mitigate risk by contacting customers – and Winicour also highlights how instead of simply verifying invoices, Gibraltar uses a quality assurance program as a tool for contacting customers. “All factoring companies are taking … Read More

How Does Gibraltar Evaluate Risk for Factoring Transactions?

Gibraltar Business Capital provides stability during periods of transformation for small and mid-market businesses. In the seventh video in a multi-part video series, Gibraltar President Scott Winicour talks about how Gibraltar evaluates risk and pricing based on accounts receivable balances. “A factor will look at the credit worthiness and the likelihood and willingness of your receivables to pay in a … Read More

Ask a Small Business Financing Expert: When Do Companies Need Working Capital Finance?

In another installment of Ask a Small Business Financing Expert, Dan McCallum, Gibraltar Business Capital vice president, answers two important questions: When do companies need working capital finance most? What is working capital finance best used for? Working capital is a common measure of liquidity, or the amount of cash on hand to handle the day-to-day operations of running a … Read More

How Fast Can I Get Paid on an Invoice?

This is the sixth installment of a multi-part video series Gibraltar Business Capital created to help small- and mid-market businesses learn about factoring. These businesses can use this valuable invoice-financing solution to solve short-term challenges or capitalize on big growth opportunities. In this video, Scott Winicour, Gibraltar Business Capital’s president, talks about how quickly businesses can access funding through their … Read More

How Long Does It Take to Get Funded?

In this fifth part of a video series about factoring that Gibraltar Business Capital created to educate small and mid-market businesses, Gibraltar President Scott Winicour explains the initial funding and closing processes. Gibraltar prides itself on its transparency and its quick turnaround on getting the needed funding to businesses. How long does it take? That depends, of course, on how … Read More

Gibraltar Announces New Factoring Services For Staffing Industry

Gibraltar Business Capital

Gibraltar Business Capital, an industry leader in providing small and mid-market companies with the capital they need to solve short-term challenges or seize growth opportunities, announced today the launch of a new service line dedicated to the unique needs of the staffing industry. “Gibraltar has experience managing the financial needs of staffing agencies across a wide range of industries,” says … Read More

Selecting a Factoring Partner

This is the fourth part of a video series Gibraltar Business Capital has produced and launched to educate small and mid-market businesses about factoring – a valuable invoice-financing solution that helps business owners navigate the sometimes rough waters they face in growing their companies. Gibraltar President Scott Winicour gives tips on what companies should be thinking about and looking for … Read More

Ask a Small Business Financing Expert: What is Working Capital Finance?

In this installment of Ask a Small Business Financing Expert, Gibraltar Business Capital VP Dan McCallum answers a question he and his team receive most often: What is working capital finance? The phrase working capital is a hot topic among business owners, but in the world of specialty finance, it’s an essential building block to getting businesses where they need to … Read More

Making Sense of Advance Rate

In the third video of a 13-part series, Gibraltar Business Capital President Scott Winicour explains how businesses can leverage the full benefit of their invoices through factoring – an invoice financing solution that enables business owners to access working capital, the lifeblood of every business. “Almost all factoring companies automatically offer an 85% advance rate on invoices, but how they … Read More